Experienced Representation For Those Injured In Airplane Incidents

According to recent estimates, tens of millions of flights take place every single year across the globe, with hundreds of takeoffs and landings happening every single day. With a plethora of airplane traffic, the percentage of airplane crashes is small.

Although airplane accidents may be a statistical rarity, this percentage is irrelevant when you or a loved one is involved. When you're injured, the damages are real – both physical and financial.

Understanding Aviation Accident Investigations

If you or someone has been the victim of an aviation accident or injured while flying, the National Transportation Safety Board, (NTSB), is responsible for conducting a full investigation. Depending on the situation, they may find that it was caused by:

  • Pilot error
  • Mechanical failure or malfunction
  • Maintenance issues
  • Design flaws
  • Loss of control due to extreme weather

Legal Help For Injuries Caused By Airplane Incidents

While the investigation is underway, hiring an attorney with experience handling aviation accident injury cases is important.

Located in Northridge, California, Michael D. Weinreb is a successful personal injury lawyer who has recovered tens of millions of dollars for individuals who have suffered personal injuries just like you.

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To protect your rights, it's important to only speak to individuals as it's necessary to fill out the accident report. You should refrain from answering any questions or revealing anything to anyone except your attorney.