Verdicts/Litigated Outcomes

James Packard v. Fedex (2017)

San Bernardino Superior court CIVDS 1500089

Settlement before trial: $1,500,000

Semi-truck v. Auto; rear-end collision.

Plaintiff underwent cervical fusion surgery. Injuries disputed by defendant. No offers prior to suit being filed. Case settled the week of trial for $1,500,000.

James Condon v. R.J. Noble (2016)

OSCS 30-2014-00749233

Settlement before trial: $7,000,000 (3/16/16)

Motorcycle v. Semi-truck

Disputed liability. Defendant contends plaintiff speeding and performed a curb sneak. Police report found plaintiff 100% at fault. Plaintiff discovered video footage of the accident and hired a video forensic expert establishing fault of defendant. Litigated up to trial date. Case settled day of trial for $7,000,000.

Taylor Champion v. Vanhauwe (2016)

LASC Case No. YC 068020

Binding Arbitration award - $84,161.37

Auto v. Auto

Defendants denied damages; no offers.

Parties stipulated to binding arbitration.

Binding arbitration award of $84,161.37

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