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Autonomous vehicles may not come as quickly as thought

Many Californians have heard about autonomous vehicles, the driverless cars that promise safer roads and fewer accidents. While some industry insiders have made bullish forecasts about the adoption of these cars by the public, there are several reasons why it may take much longer than might be expected for autonomous vehicles to change the transportation landscape.

A corollary may be found by looking at the forecasts for electric vehicles versus the numbers of people who actually purchased them. In 2010, experts predicted 280,000 electric vehicles would be sold in the U.S. in 2015. The actual number of electric vehicles sold during that year was 119,000. Several reasons, including the sticker price, the unavailability of charging stations and the fear of running out of power while traveling on long trips have contributed to fewer sales than were expected.

Like electric vehicles, autonomous cars and trucks are expected to come with higher sticker prices. There is a limit to how much people are willing to spend for new technology. Before driverless cars could be used en masse on the nation's roadways, new regulations and laws would need to be passed to address the particular issues that they might bring. While it may take longer for driverless cars to be widely adopted, it is likely that everyone will soon be sharing the road with some driverless cars, introducing some new liability issues.

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