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September 2017 Archives

Driving a smaller car comes with greater safety risks

The size and weight of a vehicle are key factors when safety experts evaluate the crashworthiness of an automobile. Even when a small vehicle uses premium parts and advanced safety technology, the safety of California drivers and passengers is considered compromised when compared to larger automobiles. This is due to how vehicles absorb impact and the momentum of light cars versus heavier cars.

Bikers beware of these common injuries

Motorcycle enthusiasts come in all varieties: male and female, young and old. No matter where you fit on the spectrum, your reasons for riding are likely among those shared by others. The freedom, the excitement and the wonderful people you meet are just a few perks, not to mention the money you save on gas.

Daytime headlight usage reduces accident risk

In California, drivers are required to use their headlights only when it is dark or during certain types of inclement weather. Research has shown that using headlights at all times may reduce the risk of accidents. Since it will likely be some time before all cars are equipped with daytime running lights, the burden is on drivers to do so voluntarily.

Some who say it should be banned still text and drive

According to a study, the majority of drivers in the U.S. believe that distracted driving is a major factor in many car accidents. In fact, more than 90 percent of respondents believed that texting and driving should be illegal, as it currently is in California. In the same study, however, 30 percent of drivers felt that they were able to safely text and drive.

How spiked wheels can be hazardous

Some California truck drivers make use of ornamental spikes that act as lug nut covers. While these spikes are usually made of plastic, they are sometimes made out of metal or aluminum. These days, many trucking companies have taken steps to curtail their use as they may intimidate others on the road. The state of Hawaii has gone so far as to pass legislation regulating such covers.