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How spiked wheels can be hazardous

Some California truck drivers make use of ornamental spikes that act as lug nut covers. While these spikes are usually made of plastic, they are sometimes made out of metal or aluminum. These days, many trucking companies have taken steps to curtail their use as they may intimidate others on the road. The state of Hawaii has gone so far as to pass legislation regulating such covers.

If a spike extends too far from the wheel rim, it could come into contact with other vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians. Of bicyclists who are killed in crashes involving large trucks, about 50 percent of them made contact with the side of the truck. This was also true of about one in four pedestrians who were killed in an accident involving a large truck. Therefore, having spikes protruding from the wheels may increase the odds that someone is killed in a large truck accident.

If a person is hurt in a collision with another vehicle, that person may be entitled to compensation. However, it is generally necessary to show that the driver of the vehicle that caused the crash was negligent in doing so. In the event that a crash involved a company vehicle, the driver's employer may also be liable for damages. Employer negligence may occur if inadequate training was provided or if a tired driver was forced to make a delivery.

Family members of those who are killed in a truck accident caused by another party's negligence may wish to contact a Northridge, California attorney. It may be possible to pursue legal action in the hopes of obtaining a financial award. Damages that are sought often include funeral and burial expenses and the loss of financial support.

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