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3 common injuries suffered by motorcyclists

Although motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation in California, they can be dangerous to drive due to the fact that they require more coordination and skill than driving a passenger car. When things do go wrong, the lack of protection could result in potentially life-threatening injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than four-fifths of all motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries or death.

A common injury experienced by motorcyclists who become involved in an accident are bone fractures. Motorcycle accidents often occur so quickly that bikers' legs become trapped beneath their bikes, causing breaks. Occasionally, motorcyclists may also break their arms or wrists if they attempt to break their fall when a crash is taking place. Road rash injuries, which occur when the skin is rubbed away as it hits the pavements, are also common injuries. Road rash can vary by several degrees in severity, from simple irritation to the complete removal of the skin.

Finally, head injuries are the leading cause of death among motorcyclists. Although motorcycles can protect themselves by wearing a helmet, many motorcyclists fail to do so as some states do not have laws regarding helmet use. Although California does require all motorcyclists to wear helmets, some may decide not to, putting themselves at major risk for death or disabilities.

Motorcycle accidents commonly occur when the drivers of other vehicles fail to see the motorcyclists. Some incidents occur when drivers change lanes right into motorcyclists or clip the bikes when speeding up or slowing down too quickly. If a motorcyclist is injured in a severe, high-speed accident, that motorcyclist is at risk for suffering life-altering injuries or disabilities that can prevent him or her from working and living independently. A Northridge, California, personal injury attorney may file a lawsuit against the liable motor vehicle driver and work directly with the insurance company to come to an agreement regarding compensation for damages.

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