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December 2017 Archives

Science could help reduce number of crash fatalities

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the level of humankind's measured intelligence and the number of car accident fatalities on roadways in California and other states across the nation are both on the rise. The 8 percent increase that was recorded during 2015 was the largest jump in auto crash fatalities in 50 years. The upward trend continued in 2016 when more than 40,000 lives were reported lost in deadly collisions nationwide.

Motorcyclists are in danger from distracted drivers

Studies continue to show the dangers of texting and driving. As accidents, injuries and fatalities climb on California highways and across the country, none may feel the pain more sharply than those who ride motorcycles. You may not need research and statistics to prove to you how dangerous it is to be on a bike in the midst of people who are texting, talking on their phones or programming their navigational systems.

Roundabouts may keep drivers safer

California residents may have heard about how roundabouts may be safer than traditional intersections. A study conducted by the Minnesota Department of Transportation found that there was an 86 percent reduction in fatal accidents at sites analyzed in the study. This was because there was no chance of a "T-bone" accident in which a vehicle was hit from the side by another vehicle.

Electronic logging now required for commercial trucks

All trucking companies must now install electronic logging devices in their commercial vehicles, according to a new mandate from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. While ELDs are meant to accurately log drivers' hours and monitor their activities, many trucking companies in California and elsewhere are protesting the change.

Shippers and brokers might be liable in trucking accidents

Every year, people are injured or killed in California accidents that are caused by large trucks. It is important for the victims to understand the other potential defendants that might be named in a lawsuit besides the driver and the driver's employer.

Study links Pokemon Go to distracted driving and accidents

As distracted driving becomes an increasing concern in California, a study from Purdue University confirms the dangers of smartphones in the hands of drivers. Two professors used the popular game, Pokémon Go, which launched in July 2016, to look at the possible relationship between gameplay and motor vehicle accidents.