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January 2018 Archives

Drug-impaired driving to be the focus of NHTSA summit

In California and across the U.S., the opioid crisis has been affecting the general workforce. In the past five years, urine testing has shown an annual increase in amphetamine, marijuana and heroin use. With the legalization of marijuana in numerous states, drugged driving has increased. For these reasons, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking for ways to improve safety and reduce traffic deaths.

NTSB finds speeding a major factor in traffic fatalities

Some people in California may be careful about never driving while drunk, but they might not use the same type of caution when it comes to speeding. Traffic fatalities have been on the rise for the last several years, and various experts have pondered whether smartphones or some other factor is to blame. The National Transportation Safety Board has done a study and concluded that speed is responsible for many of these deaths.

The discovery phase of your personal injury trial

After your accident, you may have felt like your world was on pause while doctors and specialists worked to bring you healing and relief. You may still feel like you are impatiently waiting for normal to return, and the wait may be more frustrating each day. In addition to the pain and disability you may be experiencing, you are likely watching the medical bills pile up.

The risks presented by truck overloading

Overloaded trucks may be a safety hazard on California roads and others throughout the country. Furthermore, overloading a truck may also be a violation of state and federal safety laws. When loads are too heavy or not properly balanced, they could shift when a truck changes lanes or otherwise makes a sudden motion. This may result in the truck rolling over or the driver otherwise losing control of the vehicle.

Handling dangerous situations with a motorcycle

Those who enjoy riding their motorcycles in California likely have some idea of just how dangerous these vehicles can be. However, some riders may not be ready to deal with high-risk situations before they occur. As such, it is recommended that they ensure that they are prepared for them.