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Motorcycles and passengers

California residents who ride their motorcycles with a passenger should take extra care. Driving safely with a passenger requires increased awareness, plenty of practice and enhanced coordination.

It may be prudent to take a motorcycle safety course before getting on the congested highways and roads with a passenger. Practicing in areas that have little traffic is also a good idea.

Motorcycle drivers should also be aware of the legal issues surrounding having passengers. The majority of states require that motorcycle drivers possess a full motorcycle license before having human passengers. Motorcycle learner's permits generally do not permit drivers to have passengers. Motorcycle drivers should adhere to their state's DMV regulations regarding having passengers on their motorcycles. They can consult the agency's official website or contact their local motor vehicle office.

Adjustments have to be made to one's motorcycle if they are to legally transport a passenger. The ride should have a seat that is able to accommodate at least two people. There should also be additional foot pegs and helmets available for the passengers. Motorcycle drivers may have to install additional foot rests and a dedicated seating area if they reside in certain states. The owner's manual for the motorcycle should be consulted to get accurate information regarding equipment needs, sufficient tire pressure and weight limitations. When a passenger is on board, his or her weight will affect how the driver is able to maneuver the motorcycle. It will also affect how the motorcycle will handle the road.

Motorcycle accident injury legal representation may be required for individuals injured in motorcycle collisions. An attorney might pursue financial compensation against individuals whose negligent driving behavior resulted in other drivers and passengers sustaining broken bones, head injuries or permanent disabilities. The negligent drivers may be held liable for distracted driving.

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