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The risks presented by truck overloading

Overloaded trucks may be a safety hazard on California roads and others throughout the country. Furthermore, overloading a truck may also be a violation of state and federal safety laws. When loads are too heavy or not properly balanced, they could shift when a truck changes lanes or otherwise makes a sudden motion. This may result in the truck rolling over or the driver otherwise losing control of the vehicle.

The more weight that is added to a truck, the longer it may take to stop. This may be especially true if it is going down a hill, increasing the odds of an accident occurring. Increased braking time may make it harder to avoid an accident or take evasive action during an emergency situation. In addition to making sure that a truck is not overloaded, it is important that axles are not overloaded.

Putting too much weight on a single axle may up the odds of an accident taking place even if the truck itself is at a safe weight. In turn, this may increase the odds of wear on a truck that may reduce its useful life. Signs of excess wear may include tires that don't wear evenly and steering that is loose. To prevent overloading, fleet managers should visually inspect vehicles and ensure that the right vehicle is chosen for a given job.

Accident victims in the Northridge, California, area may be entitled to compensation for broken bones, lacerations or head injuries. Compensation may pay for medical bills, lost wages and lost future earnings. An attorney may show that an accident was caused by an improperly loaded truck. This may constitute negligence on behalf of the driver or the employer. In some cases, both parties may be liable for damages a victim incurs.

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