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The discovery phase of your personal injury trial

After your accident, you may have felt like your world was on pause while doctors and specialists worked to bring you healing and relief. You may still feel like you are impatiently waiting for normal to return, and the wait may be more frustrating each day. In addition to the pain and disability you may be experiencing, you are likely watching the medical bills pile up.

Motorcyclists are in danger from distracted drivers

Studies continue to show the dangers of texting and driving. As accidents, injuries and fatalities climb on California highways and across the country, none may feel the pain more sharply than those who ride motorcycles. You may not need research and statistics to prove to you how dangerous it is to be on a bike in the midst of people who are texting, talking on their phones or programming their navigational systems.

Don't just skip over that offer of uninsured motorist coverage

Buying store-brand breakfast cereal to save money may be a good decision if money is tight. You may even decide to stop buying certain items altogether, such as cigarettes, soda or dinners out. In fact, you can save a few bucks in countless ways that will not only pad your wallet but may improve your health.

Don't let a pedestrian accident take the pep out of your step

As you bike to work in the morning, you feel overjoyed for the very fact that it's Friday. You begin to mull over your activities for the weekend, but then all of a sudden, a quickly approaching car snaps your mind back to the present. You try to avoid it, but it's too late, and the car strikes your bicycle and sends you flying and hitting the ground. You have just been involved in a pedestrian accident due to a careless driver.

Bikers beware of these common injuries

Motorcycle enthusiasts come in all varieties: male and female, young and old. No matter where you fit on the spectrum, your reasons for riding are likely among those shared by others. The freedom, the excitement and the wonderful people you meet are just a few perks, not to mention the money you save on gas.

Walking the path of recovery following a pedestrian accident

There were undoubtedly more pedestrians in California and throughout the nation in the days before motor vehicles became a common means of travel. Regardless, you may still enjoy walking to work once in a while if you're fortunate enough to live near your office. You may also like to go to town on your days off for a stroll, while taking in the sights, visiting shops and perhaps dining at your favorite restaurants. However, walking can be just as dangerous as driving.