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Truck Accidents Archives

Trucking companies use technology to reduce distracted driving

It's human nature for truck drivers in California and across the country to become distracted while behind the wheel. After all, there are dozens of things that can take a driver's mind off the task at hand. Everything from phone calls and text messages to family problems can be distracting.

Truck accidents and personal injury settlements

When victims of truck accidents seek compensation, they have two choices: they can either file a personal injury lawsuit with the trucking company or engage in alternative dispute resolution to reach a settlement. Civil law in California, as in other states, allows for either option. However, victims should understand the difference between binding and non-binding agreements.

New study classifies top causes of trucking accidents

Commercial trucking accidents are all too common in California and the rest of the country. To study the most common causes of these accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration got together with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and analyzed the crash data of 120,000 fatal truck crashes that occurred over a 33-month period. The results were published as the Large Truck Crash Causation Study.

The risks presented by truck overloading

Overloaded trucks may be a safety hazard on California roads and others throughout the country. Furthermore, overloading a truck may also be a violation of state and federal safety laws. When loads are too heavy or not properly balanced, they could shift when a truck changes lanes or otherwise makes a sudden motion. This may result in the truck rolling over or the driver otherwise losing control of the vehicle.

Electronic logging now required for commercial trucks

All trucking companies must now install electronic logging devices in their commercial vehicles, according to a new mandate from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. While ELDs are meant to accurately log drivers' hours and monitor their activities, many trucking companies in California and elsewhere are protesting the change.

Shippers and brokers might be liable in trucking accidents

Every year, people are injured or killed in California accidents that are caused by large trucks. It is important for the victims to understand the other potential defendants that might be named in a lawsuit besides the driver and the driver's employer.

How truckers endanger others through poor health

Truck drivers in California and around the country increase their risk for accidents the more medical conditions they have. This is according to a study conducted by University of Utah School of Medicine researchers. Analyzing the medical records and crash histories of 49,464 commercial truck drivers, the study claims that 34 percent have medical conditions that have been connected in the past with poor driving performance.

How to safely share the road with large trucks

Some California motorists find it unnerving to share the highway with an 18-wheeler truck. The vehicles take up a lot of space on the road, and they may seem menacing as they barrel past. However, by following a few safety tips, people can make big rig encounters easier for both themselves and truck drivers.

How spiked wheels can be hazardous

Some California truck drivers make use of ornamental spikes that act as lug nut covers. While these spikes are usually made of plastic, they are sometimes made out of metal or aluminum. These days, many trucking companies have taken steps to curtail their use as they may intimidate others on the road. The state of Hawaii has gone so far as to pass legislation regulating such covers.